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Innovation Driven by Adobe CC Custom Training

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Production artists at Transcontinental Premedia increased efficiency and brought innovation to their work processes following Adobe Creative Cloud custom training delivered by Eliquo

As Canada's largest printer, with operations in print, flexible packaging, publishing and digital media, Transcontinental creates products and services that allow businesses to attract, reach and retain their target customers. Transcontinental’s Premedia team produces more than 120,000 retail flyer pages per year, with the help of a large team of production artists skilled at print production.

The challenge

Nicky Milner describes the challenge she faced when joining the team as Director of Operations: “Within a few months of taking responsibility I soon realized that our production artists had not received up-to-date training in many of the newer digital production options of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications.”

Most of the training courses Transcontinental sourced were either too basic or too general to be useful in their environment. In addition, Transcontinental’s heavy production schedule didn’t allow for their production artists to spend days in offsite training.

The solution

Eliquo came on board and very quickly identified that a custom curriculum and course outline would be most useful, designed specifically to target the areas of greatest value. Michael Cooper, one of Eliquo’s Senior Instructors, visited Transcontinental’s facility to interview the team. His goal was to identify training gaps and to understand their specific product applications. Michael then created custom course materials using Transcontinental’s historical files, making the training meaningful and relevant to his audience.

The results

“The training process went very smoothly. My team was able to identify immediate opportunities to improve efficiency, and to bring innovation to their work processes”, recaps Nicky Milner. “Eliquo’s in-depth product knowledge and ability to deliver a customized, relevant training solution was a refreshing experience, improving not just my staff’s productivity, but also their motivation!”

Our clients

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Training Passport News

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Executive Office of Health and Human Services has selected Eliquo as a vendor of record to supply 15 of the state’s primary departments with our professional training programs. Eliquo will be providing the state of Massachusetts with training programs for the following applications.

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Lectora
  • Adobe Captivate

The contract is in effect for a 3-year term.

Here is a sampling of how much money companies and organizations are saving when using an Eliquo Training Passport.

  • A CIBC division in their head office in Toronto save over $50,000 in just 11 months. They’ve renewed for another 12 month term in November.
  • TVO saved over $38,000 in a year. They’ve renewed for another 12 month term in October.
  • Michigan State University saved over $8,000 using a 50 day passport. They’ve renewed for another 12 month term in August.
  • Ottawa Public Health saved over $33,000 in 10 months. Guess what? They’ve renewed for another 12 month term in October.

Testimonials & News

Lisa Rohde Michigan Virtual University

Good morning, Andrew!

Overall, this course was highly informative and provided me not only the how to improve my practice, but the why.  I appreciated the individualized approach this class allowed for-I was able to adapt the content and activities to what I do specifically, and so were the other students, so the course was a particularly meaningful experience for all of us.  The instructor was not just knowledgeable about the topic, but also clearly passionate about the concepts that he was presenting, which is refreshing for the participants.  I would, without hesitation, take another training course with Eliquo and look forward to the opportunity to do so in the future.

I hope this helps-if there's anything I can add or clarify for you, please let me know!

Lisa Rohde
English Instructor/SME
Michigan Virtual University

Donna M. Martin Instructional Designer

Web-based Training Testimonial

I found this to be the best virtual training session I've ever attend (and no this is not my only one). In fact, it's better than many sessions our team has designed/delivered for our learning audiences!

Donna M. Martin
Instructional Designer
ESDC - Human Resource Services Branch - College@ESDC

Lionel Marks Statistics Canada

WET 4 Testimonial

Hello Mike,

I was in such a hurry to get going to Toronto I forgot to say thank you for the WET 4 course.

You did such a terrific job at teaching the material and keeping us interested.  Having taken a fair amount of classes / training, your class was one of the best I have ever seen.  Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching style and great code examples!

Best Regards,


Cours d’Adobe LiveCycle Designer - enseigner par Nelson Therrien

Merci a Nelson pour son entrain, son professionnalisme, son écoute et le partage de ses connaissances, j'ai appris beaucoup plus que je prévoyait a ce cours. Merci à Eliquo, j'ai fais un bon choix avec vous. On se revoit pour JavaScript des que possible.


Nicole Meunier Supervisor of Desktop Publishing

Why Go Anywhere Else?!

Nicole describes her experiences at Eliquo:

Eliquo has been my training centre of choice for almost 15 years. Their extensive course selection provides all of my team’s training needs in multimedia and design. Highly-skilled instructors with years of experience deliver well-paced lessons that are easy to follow. Flexibility in course delivery, assistance in planning customized training for my team, great post-training support . . . why go anywhere else?!

Nicole Meunier
Supervisor of Desktop Publishing
Office of the Auditor General of Canada


$100,000 in Savings

Susanne describes her experience at Eliquo:

Over the years we have been coming to Eliquo to enhance our skills and product knowledge. We have taken courses on Adobe Premiere, Accessibility and closed captioning and Videography Production and to be honest each time it keeps us wanting more. The latter half of our training requirements has been more intensive as we needed to become more proficient in videography (from script to post-production) in order to produce YouTube videos for our new channel.

It is hard to quantify the training savings from having no knowledge to having working level knowledge but I could quantify the savings in terms of calling upon a contractor to do the work we have done. I would say that so far, we have saved around $100,000!

For us it is essential to maintain and grow the knowledge we have gained and to train new employees to take over who leave the team and Eliquo is a key element to helping us meet our goals and why we will be sending more people to take the same level of training in order to maintain the expertise that we now have.

Charlie C Art Director

CSS Class taught by Michael Cooper

It was better than any university course I've taken (all those 10's were no accidents).
Thanks again!

Charlie C
Art Director


Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) taught by Michael Cooper

Both as a first course with Eliquo and as a first online course experience, a very good impression was made! Mr. Cooper was easily the most articulate instructor I've ever had for a course of any description. An overall positive experience and absolutely and immediately helpful. Many thanks.


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